The Closed Beta Test (CBT) has concluded.
Thank you to everyone who applied and participated!

The Closed Beta Test is being held in the aim of improving the game before its official release.
We would like to request that those participating also fill out the survey concerning the contents of the game.
Your thoughts and opinions will be used to improve the final game’s quality.

*An Android or iOS device capable of accessing Google Play or the App Store is required for participation.
*Tablet devices cannot be used for this test.

About Closed Beta Test Applications

We will be running a Closed Beta Test (CBT) as outlined below in order to ensure functionality and to fine-tune content before the game's official release.

Closed Beta Tester feedback helps us improve game performance and content before the official launch. You can help by participating and sharing your opinions and impressions with us.

We hope to see you in the CBT!

* Some content and features may differ from the final version of the game.
*Visuals are from the Japanese version of the game.
*Game content will be the same for both Closed Beta Test sessions.