Notice of Revision to Service Restart Date

This is Takeuchi, the producer of Sword Art Online Variant Showdown (SAOVS).

We previously announced that SAOVS would resume service this summer, however, based on our tests during development, we have decided to revise the timing at which service will resume as follows in order to improve the overall game experience even further.

■ Relaunch Timeframe
Before Revision: This summer
After Revision: This winter

■ Background of This Decision
Ever since we started maintenance on 9/28/2023, SAOVS has undergone many improvements, both big and small.

While checking over these changes to ensure the game is ready for you all to play, we have determined that some features currently do not meet the level of quality we strive for to have an enjoyable playing experience.

The affected parts of the game are used frequently during normal play and heavily impact other functions of the game as well.

To relaunch the game at a higher quality, we made the decision to change the relaunch date from the date we originally planned.

■ The Additional Content Under Development

During the development period to follow, we will be focusing mainly on the additional developments and functional improvements listed below.
*Some of the development on previously mentioned functions has been completed, but we are aiming to improve the quality even further.
・Improvement of various in-battle actions
・Improvement of player experience with new planned content
・Improvement of the Select Quest screen
・Improvement of the Edit Party and Enhancement screens
・Additional adjustment to parts of the UI
・Readjustment of the game balance for character/enemy abilities, reward systems, etc.

We sincerely apologize for making you wait even longer.

As for the improvements we initially announced, we are making the following progress.

● Rebuilding of Core Aspects Prone to Errors
・Acceleration of the app performance via a full overhaul of the source code
・Construction of bug-resistant environments

● Development of New Content to Prolong and Enhance Player Experience
・Implementation of additional content, like armor features, to improve gameplay elements
・Implementation of new battle content

● Improvement on Confusing Displays and Areas That Hinder Player Experience
・Updates of all aspects of the UI, such as the Home Screen

● Partial Adjustment of Game Rules and Character Abilities
・Overhaul of actions that hinder the battle experience

Development is steadily progressing on the above as well as other modifications.
We will be putting the game through a series of quality checks to ensure that everyone can have a fulfilling experience.

We will continue to post about further development progress on social media as we have been doing for the past months.

This summer, we plan to show screenshots and gameplay footages to explain the latest development progress.

On behalf of the development team, I would like to express our appreciation for your patience and understanding.

Thank you again for your continued support of SAOVS!

Takeuchi, SAOVS producer
The SAOVS Development Team